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2023 Semi-Ultimate Bundle

2023 Semi-Ultimate Bundle

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If you love what you've seen so far for 2023 in the Lilac & Pine Design shop, this is the bundle for YOU. 

The brand new Semi-Ultimate Bundle will include all of the designs produced for the second half of the year - from mid-May to Black Friday 2023 (when the 2024 bundle gets released).

This will include: any new designs not yet added to the summer and everyday bundles and ALL the upcoming designs for Fall, Halloween, and Christmas! 

It's almost like buying files for wholesale prices, and once you buy in, you never have to worry about wasting time shopping for designs your customers will love.

At first purchase, the bundle will only include the last release of 4th of July files, but as the weeks pass, your bundle will fill up with designs, and each time new files are added, you'll get an email telling you that they are there. All you have to do is login and download them.

After just 22 files, this bundle pays for itself, but the value will exceed this. Each of the bundles will be at least 12 files, so the Semi-Ultimate Bundle will be at least 40 files. I legitimately love designing, so if I can manage more, I certainly will.

The Semi-Ultimate Bundle will include all new designs that are released individually or as part of seasonal and holiday growing bundles  Some exclusions apply. See below

EXCLUSIONS  ---------------------------------------------------

- The Semi-Ultimate Bundle for 2023 will not include files designed for the Lilac & Pine File Club even if the file exclusivity expires within the Semi-Ultimate Bundle timeline (example, files for January made public in July will not become part of the Semi-Ultimate Bundle)

- The Semi-Ultimate Bundle for 2023 will not include files that are released as exclusives for the Lilac & Pine File Club catalog

- Files that are used for marketing or sent as freebies will not be in the bundle as anyone on the email list can access these for free

- Files that are sold for contests or challenges will be added to the bundle but will not be released until the end of the contest. 

- You MAY use this file to create, cut and/or print finished products for personal & commercial use,
- You MAY NOT transfer, share, give, or resell the actual digital file (in whole or part) in any digital format. This includes login sharing. 
- For Personal / Non-Profit Use
- Commercial / Profit Use - Physical product sale allowed by small businesses
- This may not be licensed for print on demand services.

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