At Lilac and Pine Design, we design reliable and easy to cut decor files for lasers so makers can spend less time behind a screen and more time bringing art to life.


Hello, I'm Carrie, a laser owner and SVG designer. In 2019, I embarked on my journey as a laser maker while juggling a full-time teaching job. My dream was to establish a unique sign business, but time proved to be a major challenge. Striking a balance between crafting products and teaching high school English, all while being a  mom to three active kids, felt like an impossible feat.

A chaotic turn of events (the pandemic) and an impeccably timed Facebook ad for an SVG design course marked the inception of Lilac & Pine Design. I promptly  immersed myself in the world of Adobe Illustrator & became captivated by the world of design. However, despite dedicating 20-30 hours per week to honing my craft, my designs weren't consistently selling.

I contemplated giving up and just enjoying my summer break, but a pivotal moment in the form of an innocent question changed everything. My nine-year-old daughter, as she colored nearby, looked up at me while I was working and asked, "Mom, what did you want to be before you gave up on your dreams?" It was in that instant that I realized my biggest asset was and had always been creativity. 

This was the turning point that solidified my dream – to become a full-time designer with the freedom of time. My daughter's inspiring question propelled me to persevere. I delved into the intricacies of business strategy, devoured books, listened to podcasts, and enrolled in courses. All the while, I continued designing, and it was during this journey that I serendipitously stumbled upon the element that solidified what Lilac and Pine Design provided.

In the spring of 2021, I crafted a collection of spring signs, featuring round door hangers with cut out patterns on the bottoms. Suddenly, "Bestseller" tags were all over my shop. Customers loved this new technique, and I became a trendsetter for door hangers. I had discovered a unique design style that I not only enjoyed creating but that people also loved to purchase. And their customers loved buying.

In the fall of 2021, I expanded to my own website and introduced bundles to cater to my customers. In 2022, I further expanded by offering exclusive designs through an SVG club membership. Throughout this journey, my unwavering commitment has always been to design fun door rounds and decor pieces that are just what your customers are looking for.

Lilac and Pine Design has now become the go-to destination for reliable and easily paintable decor files for laser enthusiasts like you. My aim is to help you spend less time behind a screen and more time bringing art to life.

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